dizzybird records was established in 2014 not on the East or West coast of the USA, but in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA), by a couple of kids who decided to ignore various reports claiming the music industry was unfit for dreamers. After years of putting a magnifying glass up to liner-notes, giving into the addiction that compels one to not miss a show, swimming laps in an ocean of beer, programming community radio shows, curating jukebox playlists, and staring at the moon with a glorious mixture of confusion and excitement…this bird has landed.


Yes. The name is lifted from a couple of jazz legends with no apologies. Inspiration comes from all around. It all seems so inevitable. dizzybird records (LLC, if yer nasty/hello tax man!) is the sharpie ink on the cassette tape. dizzybird is that color-saturated album artwork you framed in your hallway. It’s being so comfortable falling asleep with ear-goggles on. The label is part of the universe because it simply needed to be. It’s written into the stars via whole-hearted ambition and a tip of a baseball cap to all the labels we’ve sent love letters to. Hello Sub Pop, Matador, SST, Fania, Merge, Truth & Soul, Polyvinyl, Mexican Summer, Daptone etc. etc. etc. Get this…we sell records too! Ain’t that fresh?! The feeling is that all of our love and enthusiasm for beautiful people and sounds will filter through to each release. If we are 1/1,000th of a fraction of how great those other labels are to any one person who finds one of our frisbees/pieces of vinyl…we are doing 100% of our job. Also, congratulations to you! You found this site! Isn’t life rad?!!? Because you decided to explore, to wander…you are now as much a part of this story as we are.