Hollywood Makeout

“Erin and I were watching a James Bond marathon and noticed how shitty Sean Connery was at kissing.  Then we watched a movie where the kissing was so sloppy and juicy…I was like, “Man, these Hollywood Makeouts are unreal!” -Right Said Ced

In 2013, Erin Lenau (lead vox, guitar) and Cedric Canero (bass, backup vox) began writing songs together in their apartment. Tim Broderick (drums, backup vox) lived in the apartment beneath them (which made getting together for practice convenient) and Hollywood Makeout was born. After performing as a three piece for awhile, Tim Warren (guitar) came on as the 4th member to complete the band. Familiar yet refreshing, the sound is surf-garage-pop-rock and full of unique changes. “We love to change a song right in the middle to surprise listeners.” All members have been musicians from young ages and their combined experience shows itself in their songwriting and performances.


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